Baron Von Lemon

Baron Von LemonBaron Von Lemon was a delicious powdered drink, introduced in the then fast growing American market by the Pillsbury franchise during the late 1960’s or to be more precise, in 1967. Around the same time two more drinks of nature very similar to Baron Von Lemon were introduced into the American market; these two drinks were Crash Orange and Reginald Van Lime. These two powdered drinks were also made by the Pillsbury Company itself. At its inception, Baron Von Lemon was sold for ten cents a quart (it formed a quart after the addition of water).

Baron Von Lemon was one of the worlds first commercially sold lemonade, and it soon went on to become enormously popular with people belonging to all ages and transgressed across social and racial barriers prevalent at that time. This happened since at that time, most products were advertised for a certain section of people, but in the case of Baron Von Lemon, Pillsbury spread a wider net for a greater potential market and they were enormously successful in their revolutionary idea which would soon be adopted by many more companies in the future.

However, the sales of the powdered lemonade soon reached its high peak (which was phenomenal for that decade) and started its downward decent, facing the threat of being pushed into oblivion, but, the marketing strategy which was used for popularising the lemonade would persist in the minds of the people for a long time to come. As part of the marketing strategy, Pillsbury had introduced a comic series which chronicled the life of Baron Von Lemon who was a First World War fighter pilot; it was titled, “The Adventures of Baron Von Lemon.” This comic book was available for twenty five cents at any stationary or grocery store in any part of the United States of America, though now it is as elusive and exclusive as a collector’s item.

The distinguishing characteristic about Baron Von Lemon (which is also responsible for his very apt name) is the fact that he looks astonishingly similar to a lemon and his colour is yellow, very much like that of a lemon. The baron was supposed to have been born from the extract of a lemon, which evidently played a crucial role in shaping his crudely absurd appearance. His colleagues in these comic strips, not surprisingly were none other than the previously mentioned Pillsbury products: Crash Orange and Reginald Van Lime.

Baron Von Lemon was a character loved by the people for his absolute disregard for authority and also the comic’s deviation from all established norms of logic and intellect. To elaborate this, all we need to do is turn our attention to his statements like; “Our tax structure needs to change,” the catch in this phrase is that Baron Von Lemon uttered these words when he was still in his crib. Another absurdly funny tale stated in Baron Von Lemons chronicles is the way he got his ‘Baron hood’, all he did was to go to his squadron leader and point out that he was the only one with a plane in flying condition.

Thus, the story of Baron Von Lemon became a comic legend with the people and the strategy to popularise the lemonade became a legend within the corporate community.

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